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Comprehensive review of Pedialyte. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this hangover cure.

Pedialyte ReviewProduct Name:  Pedialyte

Overall Rating:  Hangover Cure Review 3.5/5

Product Type:  Powder

Size:  8 Powder Packets

Price:  $8.98

Cost Per Serving:  $1.12

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top Ingredients:  Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Dextrose

Overall Opinion:

Pedialyte is a pretty good option to help lessen nasty hangover symptoms.

It’s easy to use because all you have to do is mix it with water and drink it before and after consuming alcohol.

The Pedialyte drink is believed to replace electrolytes and keep you hydrated (similar to Gatorade and things like that).

I like using Pedialyte because it tastes really good and has a variety of delicious flavors. I sometimes even use it as a mixer, because I like the taste so much.

Unfortunately, Pedialyte is not a hangover “cure-all,” but it definitely helps lessen some of the effects.

I couldn’t rate this product in the upper echelon because I still woke up feeling some hangover symptoms. Luckily, the symptoms were much less intense than I deserved.

On the upside, I didn’t experience any major side effects from using Pedialyte.

Overall, It’s a pretty good inexpensive option to lessen horrible hangover symptoms; just remember, it isn’t a “cure all” and may not prevent all hangover symptoms.

The Details:

Ease of Use

Pedialyte is very simple to use. I mixed the powder packets with water and drank away.

Powder packets aren’t the only option; you can use the freezer pops or liquid liters. The freezer pops just need to be frozen, while the liquid liters should be mixed with water before you drink them.

I drank a water bottle mixed with the powder packet before I started drinking alcohol and after. There aren’t exact directions, but I suggest drinking Pedialyte before you start drinking, before bed, and again the next morning.


Pedialyte was originally designed to help replace electrolytes in dehydrated children, so the flavors are actually pretty good. There is a wide range of fruity flavors, and I like all of them.

I can’t really describe the smell, but you can pick whatever flavor you want, so you will probably like at least one of the options (grape, strawberry, mixed fruit, bubblegum, and unflavored).

Morning After Results

Pedialyte is designed to replace electrolytes and hydrate the body.

The morning after drinking, I felt okay. I didn’t have the worst hangover, but I still wasn’t 100%.

I went out for a bachelorette party, so the next morning I woke up exhausted, a little shaky, and had a slight headache.

Although I had some hangover symptoms, the intensity of each of those symptoms was way less than I expected.  I deserved to be feeling much worse ;)

Overall, the results were pretty average. I felt better than if I didn’t hydrate with Pedialyte, but I still needed some Advil and coffee to jump-start the day.

Ingredient Analysis

Pedialyte contains many ingredients, but most of the substance is made out of Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, and Dextrose. Essentially, it’s a drink that consists of water, salt and sugar. These ingredients are meant to replace electrolytes and help the body to hydrate.

Supposedly, it also helps the intestines to absorb water to prevent dehydration. In terms of drinking, Pedialyte helps to keep the body hydrated and prevent dehydration from drinking alcohol.

Side Effects

I didn’t experience any major side effects from drinking Pedialyte. I mean, I felt incredibly hydrated, so I did need to urinate more than usual.


Pedialyte costs $8.98 for a package of 8 powder packs.

That works out to $1.12 per serving.

Pedialyte is definitely an inexpensive option to stay hydrated :)


Pedialyte is sold at countless stores, so the guarantee depends on where the product is purchased.

For the most part, you will need to return the product unopened if you wish to get any money back.

Where To Buy

To buy Pedialyte:  Click Here

Pedialyte: Summary

Factor Pedialyte
Overall Rating Hangover Cure Review 3.5/5
Ease of Use Easy, just mix with water
Morning After Results Lessened hangover symptoms
Top Ingredients Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Dextrose
Side Effects I experienced no major side effects :)
Price $8.98 a package, $1.12 per serving
Where To Buy Click Here

Pedialyte Review

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