About Us

Elizabeth AdamsHi there my name is Elizabeth Adams and I’m the founder of HangoverCures.com.

I started this site after realizing there really isn’t a lot of useful information on the internet about hangovers and more specifically, hangover cures.

Sure, you can find the random, poorly-written blog post that recommends eating fried pickles or drinking a gallon of Sprite or standing on your head.

But most of these tongue-in-cheek articles are completely useless… and not backed by the writer actually trying the hangover cure they’re recommending.

So I came up with a unique idea…

I actually go out and buy different hangover cures, and then try them out myself after a night of drinking!

Then, the following week I report the results back to you right here on this website.

So you can see which hangover cures worked for me… and which didn’t.

Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions as a consumer, I’m not a doctor or medical practitioner.

And while this isn’t a “scientific” study, it does give you some idea of what hangover cures can actually do, and what they can’t.

By continually ranking and reviewing all the different hangover cures out there, my goal is to make this the largest, and best site devoted solely to dealing with the dreaded hangover!