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Comprehensive review of 5-Hour Energy. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this hangover cure.

5-Hour Energy ReviewProduct Name:  5-Hour Energy

Overall Rating:  Hangover Cure Review 2/5

Product Type:  Drink

Size:  1.93 oz

Price:  $25.49 (12 pack)

Cost Per Serving:  $2.12

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top Ingredients:  B6, B12, B3, Caffeine, Malic Acid


Overall Opinion:

I really like the idea of 5-Hour Energy, but it’s not the best choice as a hangover cure.

It tastes pretty good, but I don’t like the after taste very much.

It’s extremely easy to use because you only need to take it once– no complicated directions!

Unfortunately, drinking 5-Hour Energy didn’t take away my hangover, but did give me a little bit more energy.

I really disliked the side effects. 5-Hour Energy made me feel jittery, shaky, and made my stomach even more upset.

Overall, 5-Hour Energy might be better as an afternoon energy boost for people who aren’t sensitive to coffee, but it’s not the right “cure” for hangovers.

The Details:

Ease of Use

5-Hour Energy is very simple to use.

It’s a 1.93oz bottle, which is pretty small and easy to finish.

This product isn’t complicated to use at all, just drink it the next day when you have a hangover.


There are lots of different flavors, and many of them I like.

Unfortunately, all the flavors I have tried leave the same gross after taste. I don’t like that part.

Morning After Results

I used 5-Hour Energy the morning after drinking. I didn’t have a bad hangover to begin with, but taking the 5-Hour Energy didn’t help me to feel any better.

It did give me a little more energy, but for the most part the side effects only made my hangover worse. I think it’s because my stomach was already uneasy, and drinking this shot only upset it more.

Ingredient Analysis

5-Hour Energy contains many B vitamins and energy essential ingredients.

It contains a lot of caffeine. The shot is comparable to 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee.

It also contains B12 which is a vitamin believed to help provide energy to the body.

Another key ingredient is Malic Acid. Malic Acid is found in fruits and supposedly provides essential energy to the body during the process of converting carbs to energy.

Side Effects

The biggest downside of this product is the side effects.

I am pretty sensitive to caffeine from coffee, espresso, and energy drinks.  My guess is that the amount of caffeine in the 5-Hour Energy is what made me feel almost worse then before I drank it.

It gave me more energy, but made my heart race, made my body jittery/shaky, and upset my stomach.

My body was already weak and dehydrated from drinking alcohol the night before, so maybe that’s why I the shot didn’t improve my hangover, but made me feel worse.


It costs $25.49 for a 12pack of bottles.

That works out to about $02.12 per serving.

5-Hour Energy is on the pricier end of hangover cures.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a money-back guarantee.

Where To Buy

To buy 5-Hour Energy:  Click Here

5-Hour Energy: Summary

Factor 5-Hour Energy
Overall Rating Hangover Cure Review 2/5
Ease of Use Very easy to use
Morning After Results Didn’t help hangover symptoms
Top Ingredients B6, B12, B3, Caffeine, Malic Acid
Side Effects Shaky, pacing heart, upset stomach
Price $25.49 a pack, $2.12 per serving
Where To Buy Click Here

5-Hour Energy Review

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