Ever Tried These 5 Hangover Cures? I Seriously Doubt It!


5 Hangover CuresJust when you thought you’ve heard it all…

There seems to be countless remedies cropping up on how to avoid or cure a hangover.

Coconut water is supposed to rehydrate you, but let me be honest, that’s hard for me to choke down and I thrive off health food (I’m guilty of eating kale chips and making NutriBullet concoctions).

Popping aspirin seems to be the quick and easy fix but the side effects such as heart problems, liver problems, stomach ulcers, fluid retention, and possible high blood pressure don’t seem nearly worth it in the end.

Also, not all of us can eat loaves of bread to soak up the alcohol (we’ve got gluten and string bikinis to worry about).

Unfortunately, the old trick, which is surprisingly practical these days, of bellying up to a plate full of bacon and eggs to cure a hangover just isn’t for everyone.

Whether it flat out doesn’t work for you, you’re an animal loving vegetarian, or your cholesterol levels make this a death sentence, we’ve got you covered… if you’re brave!

Different countries around the world have their own special take on the bacon and eggs theory, yet these might shock you.

Also, whoever first discovered these might need an award or some therapy.  But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Penis Braid

You can send your thank you letters to Sicily for this gem. Penis braid is actually dried out bull penis.

The bull penis is made into a type of jerky and is believed to give you that much needed extra pep in your step after experiencing the groggy side effects of a hangover.

Buffalo Milk

In Namibia, buffalo milk is used to cure hangovers.

Despite what you’re thinking, it isn’t actually as exciting and adventurous as it sounds.

Buffalo milk is just a fancy name for a mixture of spiced rum, cream liqueur, dark rum, heavy cream, and vanilla ice cream.

In that case, serve me up a cup of buffalo milk!


There’s nothing like beef stomach stew in the morning!

In Mexico, the traditional soup of tripe (beef stomach) mixed with a red chili pepper base, diced onions, chopped cilantro, lime, and oregano is the go to hangover cure.

This spicy stew is most often served with tortillas, which we know can be additional help in soaking up any left over alcohol.


In Germany, the apparent way to cure a hangover is to roll pickled herring fillets into miniature, fishy-like rugs and stuff green olives, onions, or gherkin (small cucumbers used for pickling) inside it.

This dish is filled to the brim with salt, which will rebalance your electrolytes and make you retain water.

How could you go wrong with German style sushi!

Prairie Oyster

The good old USA wouldn’t just leave it at bacon and eggs.

Served up in a shot glass (possibly as a way to commemorate the previous night’s mistakes) is a wonderful mixture of raw egg yolk, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and salt.  Cheers!

So there you have it.  A few “unconventional” hangover cures that people have used around the world.

If you’re looking for something a little more scientific and proven, check out our rankings of the best hangover cures currently available.

We’ve tested and reviewed literally dozens of different products (and some of them actually work)!

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