Drinkin’ Mate Review


Drinkin’ Mate ReviewProduct Name:  Drinkin’ Mate

Overall Rating:  Hangover Cure Review 2.5/5

Product Type:  Tablets

Size:  6 Tablets

Price:  $9.04

Cost Per Serving:  $1.51

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Top Ingredients:  Guava Leaf Extract, Sodium

Overall Opinion:

Drinkin’ Mate is an “okay” hangover prevention product.

It’s easy to use and very affordable.

I didn’t like the chalky taste even though it claims to be “Wild Berry” flavor.

I like that it focuses on one major ingredient that is supposedly great for body health, but I am not a huge fan of the artificial flavors.

My results were nothing spectacular. I woke the next morning after using this product with a mild hangover, so it did improve my symptoms a little bit.

Overall, the product is pretty average, but my results weren’t good enough to encourage me to want to use this cure again.

The Details:

Ease of Use

Drinkin’ Mate is very easy to use.

Drop 1 tablet in a 4oz glass of water and let it dissolve. Next, drink the water before bed.

If you want to be extra safe, you can also take it before you start consuming alcohol.

I like that the tablets are easy to use before alcohol and before bed.


The tablets claim to have a Wild Berry taste, but I thought they tasted chalky and gross.

The test wasn’t completely awful, but I personally didn’t like it.

Morning After Results

I had high hopes for the Drinkin’ Mate tablets, but the results were mediocre.

I had a slight hangover and needed a day of rest before I felt any better. The tablets really didn’t make too much of a difference.

I can say I felt better than if I hadn’t taken them at all, but the results were nothing spectacular.

Ingredient Analysis

The major selling ingredient in this product is Wild Guava Leaf Extract.

Guava Leaf Extract is believed to be beneficial to the body for many reasons. It supposedly helps with inflammation and has antioxidant properties that also assist the body’s health.

Drinkin’ Mate supposedly uses Guava Leaf Extract to help prevent aches, fatigue, queasy stomach and dehydration caused by drinking alcohol.

Side Effects

Luckily, I didn’t experience any major side effects.


It costs $9.04 for 6 tablets.

That works out to about $1.51 per serving.

Drinkin’ Mate is definitely affordable :)


It has a 30 day money back guarantee for unopened products.

That’s not great, but it’s better than no guarantee at all.

Where To Buy

To buy Drinkin’ Mate:  Click Here

Drinkin’ Mate: Summary

Factor Drinkin’ Mate
Overall Rating Hangover Cure Review 2.5/5
Ease of Use Very easy to use
Morning After Results Slight improvement
Top Ingredients Wild Guava Leaf Extract
Side Effects I experienced no major side effects :)
Price $9.04 a package, $1.51 per serving
Where To Buy Click Here

Drinkin’ Mate Review

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